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Anchovies are called anchovies after that the “boqueron” is caught, degutted and salted. The water where this boqueron lives in is extremely crucial to the flavour. The habitat of COOKSUPPLY anchovies is Cantabria. After washing and ripening of the fish, the anchovies are stored in an extra virgen olive oil and preserved. Both bellies and olive oil are used for gastronomical purposes.

What are Anchovy bellies?

To maintain the traditional form of the fillet, normally big fabrics cut away this part. The belly part is home to alot of spines. That makes it uninteresting processing it for mass production. However, since the anchovies from COOKSUPPLY are degutted and cleaned by hand, we can use the bellies to give a similar pickling process.

Why would you use Anchovy bellies?

The belly part has more fat then any other part of the fish. Just like us, it is where the stomach is, but even more with fishes because the gravity of the earth pulls most of it’s weight down. This is the reason why fins on the top are more agile and the upper part of the fish is more lean.

This fat is intramuscular and makes the meat of the fish more moist and flavorful. It’s better to ask why we have thrown away this part all these years. With an irregular shape, small size and the flavor being more smoother then the fillets it is an excellent condiment for salads and other constructed dishes.

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