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Rice variëties are indigenous in the south of Valencia, especially in the Albufera region. Due to the microclimate, which is a moist climate, it’s also called the marshlands of Valencia. Of origin, we find different types of grains and rices. Now because of the high agricultural activity in rice, other variëties thrive as well. Think about; quinoa, large grain rices, wild black rice that are all being cultivated under the protected designation of origin. (D.O.P.)

One of the most outstanding rice variëties cultivated here in Albufera is the Bomba. Bomba rice is offered in lots of different qualities. Depending the soil, climate, but also, how it has been harvested. Afterwards the cleaning and drying process, and ofcourse the polishing and filtering.

If you buy COOKSUPPLY Bomba rice, you are rest assured that you have rice from the latest harvest. Thanks to modern advanced technology broken rice has been separated from whole rice grains thus making your endresult more consistent.

How to recognize good Bomba?

The rice itself is dry and not dusty from polishing. It smells like raw rice and the grains have an even size. The color is white with a small touch of gray.

While cooking the rice, the starch activates and thickens the stock in which it cooks. The core of the grain absorbs the flavors of the broth, making this rice particularly well in preparations like paëlla, arroz meloso, risotto, dessert rices, sticky rices, broths with rice flavour, rice crispies, thickening broths without gluten.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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