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One of our most essential ingredients that we offer would be LAGRIMA olive oil. The olive oil market seems to be very saturated last years and it is difficult to believe sellers on the internet with pictures. That is one of the reasons that we selected only the best olive oil producers around the Valencian area. We want to deliver the highest quality olive oil, for the lowest price. Without confusing you about lots of different brands and selections, we offer 3 different olive oils which is all you need.


LAGRIMA is a proyect from the village of Viver, situated in the north of Castillon, Valencia. It is a product made by and for a coöperation of farmers. They only elaborate one variety of olives; Serrana de Palancia. Because of the low yield of this variety and being indigenous in the area, it is not an easy proyect. Every year the harvest differs resulting in limited availability. As such for 2019, when the coöperation ran out of stock in August. With creating strong bonds with local farmers we can offer for the first time this olive oil outside of Spain.

How to recognize a premium (EXTRA VIRGIN) olive oil?

First of all check the information. Make sure you buy olive oil from the latest harvest. The flavour will disappear slowly over time. Excellent olive oil producers slow this process down, by bottling into black colored bottles, selling in individual boxes or in tin cans. Always keep your olive oil away from heat and light.

Take a white plate and pour some olive oil on it. The color should be very green, almost unnatural.
Depending from which country or even area where the oil comes from produces a different smell and flavor. The oil should be dense, and without small particles. One of the flavors not home to premium olive oil are; presentable bitterness, extreme sharpness to the throat.

How to use LAGRIMA

This is an excellent olive oil which boosts the flavors of other ingredients. It seems to integrate together with other flavors and boosting it to a next level. The name is translated as “Tear.” We recommend you use LAGRIMA for almost all daily uses where you need a premium olive oil for. Salads, bread, cold starters, warm starters, sauces, desserts. Versatility meets quality.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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