Paella Start Box



\With this box you can prepare paëlla (Speak as: Pah-èyya) It has the highest quality ingredients to prepare this iconical dish. Unlike what most people think outside Valencia, the paëlla is traditionally made with chicken and rabbit. In the ricefields of the Albufera where most of the rice is grown, they have a traditional paëlla consisting duck and artichokes. If we examin the paëllas containing seafood and fish, the paëlla Señoret is the most common. This will be served with monkfish, sepia and prawns. In this package you can prepare all these dishes by adding the fresh correspondent ingredients.

COOKSUPPLY includes in this package;
A traditional recipe for an authenthic paëlla from Valencia
Red wine Atance Bobal 2018 – More info here
1 kg of Bomba Rice D.O.P. Albufera – More info here
2 gr Saffron D.O.P. La Mancha – More info here
100 gr Jamon Premium 100% Jabugo – More info here
250 ml Totoli Olive Oil – More info here
1 kit for preparing a Coca Maria Cake
Shipping included


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