Pluma Iberica Meat 500gr



We use Iberico pigs straight from the butcher to offer you extraordinary quality meat. Pluma means feather in Spanish, and this feather shaped piece is located on the upper shoulder of the pig. Because Ibericos are so well fed, this piece of meat has a lot of marbeling. Marbeling allows us to execute various techniques and cooking points. This meat stays moist even if it’s well done!

How to recognize a good quality Pluma?

The meat itself has a dark pink, light red color. The texture is soft. The fat and tendons are off white colored. The smell of the meat is almost like you expect from wild boars. After cooking the meat, where pan-fried and oven-baked are your best options, the flavor is intense, and profound. There is a hint of nuts in there, as result of the acorn-fed Iberico.

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