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Anchovies are called anchovies after that the “boqueron” is caught, degutted and salted. The water where this boqueron lives in is extremely crucial to the flavour. The habitat of COOKSUPPLY anchovies is Cantabria. After washing and ripening of the fish, the anchovies are stored in an extra virgen olive oil and preserved. Both fillets and olive oil are used for gastronomical purposes.

How to recognize good Extra quality Anchovies?

Good anchovies are always preserved in a temperature between the 0°C and 7°C. While opening the tin can a mild odour comes off. The fillets are intact, long and don’t contain or small easy to digest fish bones. The colour of the olive oil is intense green.

The flavour is salty, slightly sweet with the characteristic flavor of the boqueron. The flavour stays in the mouth on a pleasant way. There is no abundance of salt which paralyzes the tongue. The olive oil tastes like fresh olive oil and anchovies, which took the flavor of the fish.

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Weight 0.125 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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