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The name of the flower responsible for the saffron threads is “Crocus Sativus.” Because saffron is sowed and harvested manually, together with a low yield it results to be the most expensive ingrediënt per kilo in the world. The threads of COOKSUPPLY saffron are harvested between the 15th of October and 25th of November. After carefully selecting, a process of drying and sealing follows up within the 6 hours of harvest. This process as a tradition that dates back centuries ago, thanks to the arabs. They introduced cultivating saffron in Europe during the Umayyad period. Together with Iran, Spain contests for the “best” saffron in the world. The potency of saffron threads are measured in ISO standards. This decides the crocin value. Everything above the 190 on the ISO scale is named “Category 1” It’s a broad definition because the saffron in Iran reaches 250.

The saffron of COOKSUPPLY is truly one of world’s finest. Hailing from Albacete (D.O.P. La Mancha, just over the Valencian border) Here they grow a saffron which since 2016 has a crocin value above 280.

How to recognize good Category 1 saffron?

The odour of the saffron is strong, but fresh. It seems to be flowery. A bad odour would be; caramelized, muffy. By rubbing the threads in your hands a yellow stain stays on your hands. The threads are whole. The threads on their turn, don’t tend to break easily, it doesn’t feel too dry.

By heating a liquid with the red threads, a yellow (almost greenish) colour appears. The flavour is fresh and flowery.

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