The mediterranean diët is home to lots of different nuts. One of the most common used nuts is the Walnut. The Valencian walnut differs from the Californian nut with being more subtle in flavor and more light colored. The walnuts that COOKSUPPLY offers are peeled by hand. We selected only the intact halves, with no or the least breakages. With hand peeling we obtain better flavors and more crunchy texture then machine peeled. Like this we have the best quality nuts, prepared the best way possible. We keep the nuts in a container made from cornstarch, not plastic.

How to recognize good quality walnuts?

It is hard to obtain good peeled walnuts. Mostly you are best off buying whole walnuts and peel for yourself. Machine peeled walnuts are broken and lost a lot of flavor during the process, welling in water and drying again. The flavor of that product is very far away of recently opened walnuts. This is due the oxidation process of nuts which result that flavors disappear and eventually turn rancid.

We have the solution for this. By peeling with hand it is more time consuming but the end result wins in quality and flavor. By storing it in cornstarch containers they have the space to move, not be squished down and have less breakages and longer date of expire.
The walnuts have a light color with brown veins. They are intact, not damaged from the outside. The Valencian walnut is slightly smaller then the Californian walnut. Tasting the walnut is a very soft nutty flavor, it is absolutely crunchy as you would expect from a recently opened walnut. The nuts are all even in size and shape. There are no rotten nuts inside, or nuts that dried too much.

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