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Trendfood of our era, quinoa (say: Keen-wah) is a subspecie of amaranth, just like millet. Quinoa has fantastic organleptic properties. To cultivate quinoa it doesn’t need a certain environment, or special microclimate. What does occur is that quinoa suffers rapidly from quality loss. During lots of test that we did with quinoa, we think that the best quality comes from the latest harvested quinoa. The quinoa from COOKSUPPLY is sowed in Januari and harvested in June, with the quality seal from Albufera (Valencia)

How to recognize good (yellow) quinoa?

The millet is as flat, round and same size as possible with none or almost none broken grains. The color is almost beige-yellow. The more white quinoa is, the worse the quality with this variety. While holding the raw quinoa there is none or almost no starch to the hands. There is no specific odour.

By cooking the quinoa the right amount of time, the core stays intact and doesn’t fall apart. This results in a fine texture. With cooking old quinoa we found that the core doesn’t stay intact and that the texture is more similar to porridge, even though we maintain same cooking time and salt level.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm


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